What we do

“If what you desire is robotic, static thinkers – train them. If you’re seeking innovative, critical thinkers – develop them.” Mike Myatt

With the leaders of today consistently working on developing a toolkit of skills and attributes designed to inspire, lead and challenge individuals and their teams, it is vitally important to provide a strong base from which to begin. As most leaders don’t come about by accident the ability to continue to focus on the development of knowledge, experience, competencies and personal attributes is now paramount.

As every organisation is different, the value proposition will be dictated by the organisation’s strategy towards leadership and management development. We know this, and by effectively partnering with you. We can design and deliver truly customised leadership/management development workshops and programs that ensure your leaders have the capability to deliver your organisation’s strategy.

Richard Powell Learning specialises in providing high quality facilitation, coaching and practice that is designed to assist current and future leaders to:

Manage growth and change
Develop productive cultures
Recognise the strengths in their team and themselves
Increase communication effectiveness

Our mission is to engage and improve individual performance by developing people, to their fullest potential, through inspirational facilitation, coaching and practice.

It truly is, why we do what we do! This approach not only drives us but also provides the opportunity to assist the development of managers and leaders to be more engaged in what they do, how they do it and the value this then brings to the organisation. There is enough background research to illustrate the value facilitation and coaching can have on improving performance, while creating opportunities for individuals to achieve greatness.

By investing in your people, we can help you to positively impact your bottom line and make your business more sustainable.